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Sport, Training & Leisure Venues

Lee Valley Ice Centre

Location : Waltham Forest, London   |   Status : Ongoing   |   Sector : Sport, Training & Leisure Venues


Wrenbridge Sport are lead consultant and project manager to Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) for the development of a new twin Olympic pad ice centre in Waltham Forest, London. The current ice facility is coming to the end of its life and the existing facility is limited by the single pad, which is extremely well used.  LVRPA have therefore decided to replace the existing facility with a new twin Olympic Pad.  The new centre will be the only twin Olympic pad facility in the south of England and will be developed for elite and community use and for all types of ice related sports. In addition to the ice pads, the centre will have capacity for 800 spectators, a gym and dance studio, café and catering facilities and an enhanced surrounding landscape that will act as a gateway to the surrounding green spaces, opening up the centre and providing a setting off point for walkers, runners and cyclists.

The new centre will be a high quality, attractive and sustainably designed building and a huge improvement to the current centre, with innovative use of construction, energy and water methods. Wrenbridge Sport have led a team of high quality consultants and designers to prepare an exceptional, sustainable and cost effective building to add to the LVRPA portfolio of venues. Our role to date has included looking at the overall business viability for the ice centre, selecting an appropriate site taking the scheme through the various design stages and gaining planning approval for the new scheme.  Construction is due to start on site in the second quarter of 2021 and will be carried out in phases to allow access to the ice to continue for the majority of the construction period.  The full new centre is envisaged to be open to the public in mid-2023.