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Sports facilities are the focal point for local communities and can be an important venue for the wider population. The improvement of commercial, corporate and sporting amenities at sports venues is a fundamental consideration for most clients and the maximisation of the property and land assets can provide future income streams or a one-off capital receipt to help organisations grow. As a company, Wrenbridge has considerable experience in working with land owners across sectors to enhance the value of their property assets by realising the land’s maximum commercial, residential and retail development potential.

Whilst every development is tailored to suit the needs of the land owner, with sports projects Wrenbridge has typically undertaken successful joint venture partnerships providing the venue owner with 100% of the land value and a percentage of the resulting profit or income.



We are specialists in providing funding solutions for both the private and public sectors.

Wrenbridge Sport benefits from the financial backing of Palmer Capital and draws on funding for development and investment via a number of in-house managed funds. Funding is available from £1m–100m+, with acquisitions typically in the range of £2m-30m, for unconditional deals, joint ventures and development management roles.

Wrenbridge Sport also enjoys access to Palmer Capital’s centralised framework of financial and legal expertise, assistance with structuring deals, sourcing finance and advising with negotiations and management matters, in return for a minority shareholding in Wrenbridge Sport.

Palmer Capital is a UK focused real estate investment management company, which focuses on both creating and actively managing core assets for investors. The company is majority owned by Fiera Properties Limited (“Fiera Properties”), Fiera Capital Corporation’s (“Fiera Capital”) dedicated real estate investment platform and part of Fiera Capital’s alternative asset offerings.

Approximately 50% of our assets at any one time are purchased through the internal funds raised by Palmer Capital with the remaining projects financed by Wrenbridge’s own equity and a variety of other partners including Grosvenor, Buccleuch, Legal and General, M&G, Savills Investment Management, and LaSalle Investment Management.